October 19, 2012

Health Insurance Comparison


Just an interesting article I happened to come by today - looks like health insurance will continue to steadily go up!  They say just 4% - but speaking for myself - my health insurance just saw an increase to $141/month from $117/month.  Talk about inflation!  That's about a 17% increase!  Where's all of the price stability that Bernanke promises?

I suppose that checkup and other wellness trips were costly to me...I suppose because I'm self-employed, I'll be able to write some of this off or find some way to counter this spike in cost.  Hopefully it will be beneficial in the long run and reduce my 17% increase in premium.  Or I'll just search compare plans via www.ehealthinsurance.com

Have any of you received a higher premium notice from your health insurer?  By how much are your premiums escalating?

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