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Barry Gets A Dollar


Barry Gets A Dollar is an easy-to-read book that will teach your kids to be financially responsible at an early age.  

They'll love to read this book every night before bed!

              Exposing the tax loopholes strategies that
                     the wealthy use to protect their assets!
                     So you can use them too!

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Retirement for Black Americans is becoming a distant reality because so many of us are NOT retiring – many of us will have to work past the retirement age in order to pay medical bills and expenses because our 401k and savings aren’t enough. But this does not have to be. We can retire - and we can retire EARLY. It just takes smart work, determination, and a plan. IF we simply choose to follow the plan outlined in this book - then retirement can be sooner than we think. 

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For decades now in the U.S., the separation between the haves (super rich people who either own or have huge stakes in profitable corporations), the have-nots (most Americans), and poor people (losers) is growing further apart. Unbeknownst to most Americans who have been somewhat misled into believing that the best way of life and attainability of success is achievable via a college degree, a good job, and a long term “career” – this is a false assumption. Learn why.

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Do you want to make your own money in college? Instead of the minimum wage that your friends will be making throughout the semester and/or summer? This ebook will show you how.

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