March 12, 2009

Why don't we get it...?

"Is making money a secret? Is the lack of financial education leaving people powerless with insufficient funds when it comes to their retirement? We need to fix the problem America, and starting with that person you see in the mirror everyday…myself included. If you study money - you study how to become a Winner in life.
I’m taking on the task to become even more financially sound so that I can have my money make money - my challenge to myself is to achieve the distinction and honor of becoming a CAIA. Because I love investing and believe it is the first step for me to acquire wealth and also eventually acquire property, obtaining the CAIA will definitely help me achieve that goal.
The hard part will be saving up the money to pay for this expensive exam - but I’ll definitely get the money and as of this writing, I plan to take my first exam this September 2009."

March 5, 2009

As Bush would say..."Stay the course!"

"Investing in the stock market right now looks scary right now, and it looks like putting your money in the stock market would be the wrong idea. Add to that all of the negative press from the media, plus the doom and gloom from so-called economists, and you’re ready to pull your money and 401k out of the stock market.
But as Pres. Bush would say…”Stay the course”. Although the markets look bad and there is no immediate end in sight, I recommend you stay the course and keep investing in the stock market MORE than you have before. As you know, stocks are dirt cheap and are at their lowest point in years! So pick and choose wisely, and stay the course.
Winners know that when the market is doing good, the media will tell you that it is better than what it actually is. And when the market is doing bad, media will tell you that it is worse than what it actually is. Losers actually listen to the media and invest accordingly.
As Warren Buffet would say, “be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful!"