October 19, 2015

Limited Capital

This past month I realized firsthand that having limited capital means that you're limited to
opportunity, and how difficult it is to obtain more capital without acquiring unnecessary risk.  I'm working on a couple of products that I'd like to get funded...but unfortunately, my capital resources are limiting me from taking these products to the next level and getting them to market.  So this forces me to think creatively to get around the problem of simply not having enough capital.

On the contrary, I realize how easy it is for a particular person with a large amount of capital to have a world of opportunity at their doorstep.

"Having money is not everything, not having it, is." - Kanye West

So how does one acquire more money, Mr. West?  I suppose the answer would be to take advantage of the opportunities and talents we naturally possess, take risk, and build relationships.

The more important of these is the latter.  Building relationships with people who may be more connected to resources than you currently are, is key.  You build relationships by getting to know people and connecting with them.  Acquiring a relationship means you possess the oldest currency on the planet - forever in circulation.  The more "strong" relationships you possess, similar to having a "strong" currency, the further you'll go in life and more you will accomplish.

Just a thought.


October 14, 2014


As I type this post via my phone, today marks my blog's 5yr milestone.   I'd like to thank all of you for visiting my website and supporting me as the website has had over 44K visitors since its inception.

It's been an amazing journey.

Furthermore, I'm not sure where to take the site going forward...should I continue with writing about my financial thoughts?  Or "shift gears" and perhaps take more of a personal tone (meaning,  I walk you through my own personal finances and show you exactly what I'm doing)?  Up until this point, BarringtonLewis.com has been more of an advisory  blog...and I haven't been too personal about what actually goes on with my own finances (so to speak).

In addition, I haven't posted much because after 5yrs of posting financial advice, I believe that I've said mostly (if not all) that I can say.

Let me know what direction you think would be best for barringtonlewis.com and we'll take on this next phase of growing and exploring ways to BE FREE together.


July 9, 2014

Cover Your Death Taxes With Life Insurance | Insurance License Lookup

Interesting article about covering your death taxes with life insurance....

Cover Your Death Taxes With Life Insurance | Insurance License Lookup

June 24, 2014

Wealth diminishes in US

Interesting article ...no wonder cars, houses, food, college tuition, etc. seems to be more expensive.
Not to mention rising costs in healthcare, lackluster stock market performance, and the dismal outlook for a comfortable retirement.