February 9, 2017

New book coming soon!

Yep - new mini book (30 pages) coming soon and will be listed on Amazon.

It's been too long people!  

I've been away from writing for at least 2 years... wish I can say that I've been on a 2 year vacation and living off of the proceeds from this site and my books on Amazon.  But it's not true.  I just didn't know what to write on this site and focused on my career.

Anyway, I guess it's good to say that I'm in a better position financially today than I was two years ago (more on that later).  

Nevertheless, I've been testing out my new book title amongst a few family and friends because it comes off a little dark and gloomy...although it's a mostly positive book, but also a realistic book.

The title is :

You Will Never Be A Millionaire

How to achieve happiness and enjoy life, because there's a good change you'll never become a millionaire...

In this book I write the real path to success and describe how most of the "millionaire books" or self-help guides are mostly useless.  I also describe why so many of us aren't millionaires because we fail to follow or ignore what's already within us.

I hope you check it out and leave me feedback on Amazon or on this website.  I'll post another link in a day or so when the book is live on Amazon.