December 11, 2009

Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling -

Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling

via Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling -


Say it ain't so Demo's!  Why do these politicians believe that we can keep spending without eventually having some  consequences??!  Should we just say the US has an unlimited debt capacity?  I'm tired of seeing increased deficits of the US....  one day the bill will become due.  And guess who gets to repay it... taxpayers!

What is sad is that Republicans are no different with all of the deficits we incurred under their watch.  We need politicians in Congress who know a thing or two about economics! 

Enough is enough.  No wonder other countries are looking for ways to hedge against the dollar's woes.  India has dumped their dollars for gold.  China is dumping their dollars for gold, oil, coal, etc.  The Obama administration is reflective of none other than the Carter administration.

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