December 28, 2009


Well the year is finally coming to a close!  2009 was a roller coaster ride and the financial effects of this year will be carried over to the next.  The 1st qtr of 2009 we saw turmoil and the stock markets at their lowest - which also meant this was a good time to buy (I hope some of you who follow my blog actually took my advice and got into the stock market).  Ford Motor company was down to $1.01/share, but today it is over $10/share.  Bank of America was down to $3.26/share, but today it is over $15/share.  United States Steel was down to $19/share, but today it is over $57/share.  Almost every stock on the exchange was for sale at very low and discounted prices!

The worst of 2009 was actually the best of times for buyers...the lowest point in the markets became the opportunity of a lifetime to realize returns of 60%, 100%, 300%, or even higher investment returns going into 2010.  For Generation X and Y-ers, there has been no other better time to invest than 2009.  However, it is still not too late!  As we go into 2010 - there are several opportunities still waiting to be realized.  The real estate market has not fully recovered, and probably won't for some time.  The cost of a new home or foreclosed home has been dramatically reduced for those who have access to cash and good credit.

So what is my move for 2010?  As far as investing...I'm going to invest in commodities such as energy and metals.  This strategy should be a good shelter for any upcoming inflation due to government spending.  But nevertheless, I am also looking for expansion.  I'm looking to increase my audience of people who follow me by working smarter and reaching out across all networks.

What are your goals?  To increase cash flow?  Invest more?  Whatever your goals may be - let's aim to BE FREE in 2010 and retire early.

"The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender" - King Solomon


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