August 23, 2012

Middle class set back over last decade: report - Yahoo! Finance

Middle class set back over last decade: report - Yahoo! Finance

Very interesting report - although I'm willing to bet most Americans and other countries abroad already know this.  The Fed Reserve is lying to us by telling us that inflation is in check and there's nothing to worry about.  Yet oil prices, food prices, and other basic commodities all over the world are steady increasing.

The dollar continues to lose its value as our central bank, and other central banks abroad, continue to create money out of thin air.  Drastic times call for drastic measures....meaning that we all have to consider drastic measures to protect our wealth, our income, our future.

Drastic measures such as:

  • Having more than one job and/or career 
  • Taking a job that you feel is beneath you 
  • Becoming an entrepreneur and selling a product or service for extra cash
  • Buying cash cars and reduce or eliminate credit card debt
  • Cooking more (or all) meals at home (start a garden!)
  • Going to where the jobs are (don't limit yourself to one state, or even one country!)
These are just a few steps to help us prepare for the long road ahead which is most certainly to include higher taxes, reduced entitlement programs (social security), and more Americans not being able to retire.  


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