July 16, 2009

United States of Private Equity

The rules of attaining wealth and success are constantly changing in our world, and in order acquire wealth we must continuously adapt to the new rules of the game of wealth. I've been listening to the testimony of Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson before Congress about whether he pressured Bank of America to accept the deal with Merrill Lynch. What I found interesting is learning that Mr. Paulson, a former employee of Goldman Sachs of 26years, deemed his former employer and his friends "too big to fail" - and now we see that Goldman posts record profits amidst a recession and at the demise of their competitors such as Lehman Bros., Wachovia, etc....

And another example of why we are the U.S.P.E - Warren Buffet had a $5 billion stake in Goldman, while the US taxpayer bailout fund contributed $10 billion to Goldman Sachs, yet Warren Buffet received $1 billion return on his investment while we the taxpayers received only $500 million???? How do we invest twice as much as Warren Buffet - yet our return is less than his?

It is a different set of rules at play folks - where the rich control the government...and we average citizens lose!

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