July 28, 2009

Mission: Wealth Impossible

The WallStreet Journal has a front page article today (07/28/09) stating that the high gasoline prices (remember $4/gallon?) during the “laissez faire” Bush Administration’s term was in fact not due to supply/demand issues – but rather the speculation and trading of futures by investment firms and traders (i.e. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, etc.). This is a classic example of American Greed. When prices of commodities such as corn, wheat, oil, gas, etc. all substantially increase simultaneously – this puts an extremely heavy burden on the middle-class and poor citizens who may or may not have money to afford the increase in prices. (I know $4/gallon was a pain even to my pocket!) But guess who profits when the prices go up? Traders! Who suffers? You!

The wealthy get wealthier and the rich get richer….it seems as if their mission is to make wealth impossible for the middle and poor class. But these traders and high net worth individuals operate in a zero-sum game, where someone must lose in order for someone to win – so as the top 10% wins…the bottom 90% loses.

So we need to change this to scene to “Mission: Wealth Ispossible” and also work towards being wealthy and rich – GO FOR THE GOLD! Become a successful entrepreneur and constantly work towards increasing your monthly cashflow/income – don’t get stuck in a career, unless you’re a highly paid CEO (Ex-GM CEO Rick Wagoner got a $8.6 million dollar payout for his failures). Otherwise you’ll waste your life working for the next 50 years just to watch your retirement savings disappear through increased taxes, inflation, and debt. And if these three horsemen don’t get you – you always have the possibility of a fourth in the form of a “Bernard Madoff” coming to steal from you while the SEC looks away….(how could they have missed $50billion?)


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