August 16, 2010

China's economy passes Japan's as world's second-largest -

China's economy passes Japan's as world's second-largest - "China's economy passes Japan's as world's second-largest"

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I wonder if China will soon have the ability to pass the USA as the world's largest economy? They seem to be allowing their currency to fluctuate with the market now...instead of keeping it artificially low which unfairly supports their export-based economy. But, in the future, it is possible that more of China's citizens will become wealthier and buy more goods. What global economic impact will occur if and when China's economy turns from export-based to that of consumer-based, like that of the United States?

China's population is undoubtedly the largest and most populous country in the world - growing approximately 12-13 million annually! Economically speaking, where there is growth, there will be a demand/desire for resources and luxurious items. The trend of American companies expanding far east is indicative that this growth hasn't gone unnoticed. Is it too early for China to say..."we got next?"


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