April 5, 2010


As many of you know or may not know – I write to a few blogs all over the web.  One blog (Examiner.com) requested that I post my articles to their website…and in return they will pay me and also give me corporate discounts at major retailers nationwide.  Well, today I’m allowed to share these discounts with family and friends.  So I figure, why not give these perks back to my readers?!  Everyone likes to save a buck...so here is a summary of what you could save below:

Examiner.com is excited to offer a valuable new benefit to active Correspondents. Examiner Perks is a Correspondent Discount Program with discounts at over 28,000 retailers nationwide to help you reduce your personal expenses. With Examiner Perks, you will save on everything from groceries, movie tickets, clothing and accessories to electronics, vacations and personal care items.

 Savings negotiated this week for you to celebrate the launch:

 If you’re interested – please contact me via email or the Contact Form on my website and I'll add you to my guest account.

* Please send me your first and last name, along with your email address and you too can begin saving money!


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