February 25, 2009

Losers never study about money

Barrington’s Blog » 2009 » February: "Only certain types of people read and studies about money - successful ones! Or at least those who are looking to be financially responsible with their money in the long run, and are not depending on Social Security for a lifeline. Take charge of your financial position - learn, grow, invest, and have your money work for you.
Why would you want to use your money when you can use someone else’s?
Today the stock market is down and it is the perfect time to buy depending on your financial position (age, debt, and income) while everyone is running away from the market like Losers. Losers sell their shares while the market is low and buy shares while the market is high. Winners buy while the market is low and sell when the market is high.
Which are you? A Loser or a Winner? Are you studying how to better your situation? Financial literacy is the key to financial freedom."

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