June 10, 2013

Investing in Domestic Energy

With new fracking technology, it seems that America has great potential and opportunity to become a net exporter of energy and also consume most of its energy produced right here at home.  Not only do we have the chance to become more energy independent - we're also producing vehicles that run on alternative fuels, and vehicles that still rely on traditional fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, but have higher MPGs than ever before.

The introduction of new vehicles that run on alternative energy, such as electricity and natural gas, will make for better prices at the pump for those of us that drive gasoline/diesel engines.  I'm a becoming a big supporter of more vehicles that run on natural gas, which is a cheaper and cleaner-burning alternative than regular gasoline.  If not for the individual consumer, then definitely for commercial fleets such as city buses, mail trucks, semi-trucks, construction vehicles, etc.  Mostly because these vehicles typically run on diesel and put out a lot of pollution.  Why not switch to a cleaner alternative - especially since this technology is available?

For instance, UPS has agreed to purchase over 650 trucks that run on LNG (liquified natural gas) for its fleet of brown trucks and semi-trucks.  They aim to pave the way for other companies, mainly those within their distribution industry, to follow suit...and all this talk of domestic energy must mean there's room to make some money via investing in energy!

The top 10 ETFs, the top 10 natural gas stocks, and other news are listed at www.naturalgasstocksreport.com - this is a new site that I created to generate buzz about this market and help support the need for cleaner alternative energy sources that America can produce naturally.  This only helps to lower prices, create jobs, and underscore America's position as the #1 economy.  By investing in natural gas stocks, ETFs, or index funds of energy companies that bring the commodity to market - we also stand to profit from this boom in domestic energy.

"It's just amazing to me that these dumb clucks in D.C. don't see this opportunity." - T.Boone Pickens


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