May 23, 2013

New found Wealth - just a quick thought

Given recent advancements in technology, the power to start a profitable company is at our fingertips.
Unfortunately, there isn't any technology that will help us think of the next Facebook or Google faster than anyone else - but the power to administer business has never been greater.

In fact, I believe technology has allowed the path of entrepreneurship to be a lot more comfortable.  Instead of venturing on unchartered terrain with a compact, small engine vehicle - we now have a fully loaded F-250 with 4 wheel drive and GPS.

The only challenging part is programming your GPS on where you want to go...

But once you figure out how to program your GPS - you'll have new found wealth.  Because you'll be able to generate a cash flow ( or preferably several cash flows) much easier by leveraging technology that will afford you the option to keep your day job or focus on your new found wealth full-time.

Here are some ideas to help find new found wealth:

  1. Focus on creating ways to make your job easier (become an entre-ployee)
  2. Discover ways to make existing products better
  3. Leverage your friends and contacts experience/qualifications to come together and make a product
  4. Take time (a few days per month) to do something outside of your daily routine that you're interested in
Let's focus and find our way to new found wealth.


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