June 27, 2012

Just a quick update

I went to an investment seminar yesterday and learned how one can put rental properties in an IRA and withdraw the rental income tax free.  Very interesting subject and probably would've made for a good entry into my TAXLOOT book.  Nevertheless, it was a great opportunity to sit in on this lecture...which paved the way for good Q&A at the end.

I didn't get the opportunity to get my first property as of yet - I lost out on my first bid.  But I hope to make another bid on this nice little 3/2 home located near downtown ATL.  I just received an email from my broker about 30mins ago.  So it's on to the next one!

We'll see how this one plays out - lots of opportunities in the real estate market.  On another note, the market seems to be stabilizing on one hand, however, there are also a lot of contingencies that can tip the scale over into the abyss.  The potential of Bush's Tax cuts not being extended, the debt ceiling, Universal Healthcare, etc. are all domestic issues that can send the economy back into a recession.  Not to mention all of the Euro-zone mess.  

One must remember that during a crisis, there is always room for opportunity.  And opportunity only knocks once.  What opportunities do you see in your part of the world?


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