May 18, 2012

Facebook IPO is today! Is it worth it?

The big banks are valuing this "company" at $100 Billion dollars!  And the estimated stock price is around $38 to $40 dollars!  Time to grab some of this stock before it hits $400/share, right??

Absolutely not.

I really don't understand where these numbers are coming from...?  $100 Billion???  Does Facebook even $500 Million in Assets?  What do they produce?  What is preventing the stock from nose-diving after the banks have made all of their money?

Maybe I'm completely wrong - but we will see what happens to all of these dot-com investments in the long term and whether people will be happy or forced to live with regret.  I think it makes more since to invest in something a bit more tangible, or perhaps a company that produces something like General Electric, BP, Ford, etc.

Besides, regular investors like you and I have to wait in line to purchase a "popular stock" such as this.  So the actual purchase price will be about $60/share or more.  They're better investments in the market today.


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