June 17, 2011

Stalemate! Nobody wins...and America loses.

Where are the jobs?  Where is the economic recovery?  Why has so much money been spent by the Federal Reserve over the past 3 years and what has the money been spent on?  AND why can't the American people know about the hidden details about where our money has gone?  (i.e., "bailouts", QE1 and QE2 programs?)

Doesn't it seem strange that the Democrats keep saying that "the economic recovery is underway and there's a wealthy group of Americans that need to be "patriotic" in order to keep the country's debt level and deficit in check....then the jobs will eventually come."  Or on the contrary, isn't it funny how the Republicans state how bad the economy is and how government spending is running amuck (as if that's the reason for the lack of jobs - mind you, this recession we're in started under their watch)!  "Lower taxes and control government spending, they say....then the jobs will eventually come."

Everyone is saying something - no one is doing something (where are the Nike people when you need them?? LOL).  Sounds to me that whenever Congress tries to point fingers at the other party...nothing gets done...and America suffers the consequences.  Why do I think there's a political stalemate?  Because American corporations are operating quite sufficiently...and profitably.  They could hire and expand in a second...but American politics are in a stalemate...and currently unpredictable.  So our corporations are taking a seat on the sidelines to see what happens.

Republicans want the American people to view the economy in a bad state...and want to pinpoint Obama's administration as the culprit due to the runaway government spending that's going on.  This adds fuel to their fire and gives them reason to delay the vote on raising the debt ceiling without severe austerity measures attached.  So keeping Americans in the dark by selling them on the economy being BAD gives them fuel to get their best candidate in the White House - and kick Obama out.  So why would Republicans want to create jobs and have a strong economy - when they know a strong economy supports a case for 4 more years of Obama's regime?

Democrats want the American people to view the economy in a good state...and want to pinpoint that too many tax cuts are already given to the wealthiest individuals and corporations.  And the Dems are also trying to paint the Republicans as the evil party preventing the economy from gaining a sound footing because they supposedly only "care about rich people" and they "want old people to die".  Notwithstanding, selling America that we have a strong economy makes a strong case for keeping the President in place for another term.

BUT, as both parties conjure up highly intelligent and educated reasons for not taking action and accusing the other party as the hinderance - America loses!

Take it upon yourself to take ACTION...even if Congress doesn't.  Reinvent yourself.  Create your own job if need be...or learn a new trade so that you can produce an income to support you and your family.  A good thing about America is that we have a few more freedoms than the rest of the world - and we don't have to sit around waiting for politicians to decide our future for us!  We can take the initiative and figure out the future ourselves.


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  1. Barrington:

    Both parties have to some degree put proposals on the table they feel will stimulate the economy. The problem is that the proposals are polar opposites. We can argue all day which one is right but I for one believe we need to as we learned in science look at what has already worked and is repeatable.

    One only has to look at Texas for a model of what works. During the past years Texas has generated nearly 40% of all jobs created in the US. Their economy is booming! Texas has been on the same or a similar model for over 30% and during that time never had less than 3% economic growth. No other state in the union can make that boast.

    What is the secret? For one, zero state income taxes; people spend money. 2: "Texas imposes a Franchise Tax, otherwise known as margin tax, imposed on entities with more than $1,000,000 total revenues at rate of 1%, or 0.5% for entities primarily engaged in retail or wholesale trade, on lesser of 70% of total revenues or 100% of gross receipts after deductions for either compensation or cost of goods sold. Source: http://www.taxadmin.org/fta/rate/corp_inc.pdf). 3: Livable other taxes (property, school, etc.) 4. Streamlined bureaucracy. I used to live in Texas and now live in NY State. You would not believe the irresponsible amount of state jobs, inefficiencies, and waste here. NY State is broke and politically will not address the costs of big government. 5. Texas government does not support redistribution of wealth. It is one of the few states that still cater to the American dream of entrepreneurship. If you create a company and do well you get to keep what you worked so hard for. Other states penalize you with higher corporate tax rates and personal tax rates.

    The result: People and companies move to Texas for the same reasons that many immigrated to the US to start with. The freedom to become something based on hard work and not on social hand outs. One only has to look at Greece to see that big government is not the answer. At what point do social failsafe programs end up as expected entitlements? Is it not time for America to get back to what made this country great (and made it work) to start with?