May 10, 2011

Having a financial planner might be a good thing for you.....

Times are hard for a lot of people – and it can be even harder when you are working 2 jobs, or maybe working a full-time job and attending school part-time, while maintaining your household and/or raising a family (or soon to begin a family). On top of all of this – there’s a need to manage your finances as well to be sure that you’re on track financially. Have you planned for retirement? Are you putting your money towards the best investments? How does school interrupt your financial goals? Or a divorce? Or perhaps a new baby?

Just as our lives constantly change – our financial goals constantly change as well. Whenever there’s a new addition to the family, a divorce, a marriage, etc. – our finances will always need maintenance. As you grow wiser, it makes sense to have a professional review your financial situation and suggest where there might be areas for improvement…or perhaps just give you the reassurance that everything is going the way you want it to go.

Having a feeling of assurance – or feeling that you need to “get serious about money” gives us a direction of where we’re headed. That way we won’t be surprised when we “arrive”.


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