June 24, 2009

United States Economy at a Glance

United States Economy at a Glance: "Economy at a Glance"

As posted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics - one can clearly see that unemployment is steadily rising and will most likely keep rising beyond 10%. President Obama has also come to realize that the worst is not over and there are still "tough times ahead". However, given the stimulus to the economy granted by the Obama administration - the economy has a floor in place and things are not as bad as they could be.

Yes - the US is going through tough times and right now Americans need to buckle down and ride out the storm. I pray that President Obama does not release another stimulus package because it may, at this point, do more harm than good! If we add more taxpayer money to the fire - we reach a point of diminishing return and it will begin to send the economy spiraling further down in the dumps.

America, this is a time where we must ride out the storm and learn patience. The government has done a great job keeping the economy afloat to some degree and not allowing situations to be worse off - however, now is a time for private industry to step up and revive the American spirit as it has done in the past with ingenuity and innovation that keeps America going.

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