April 19, 2009

Trying to get on the Airwaves

Barrington’s Blog » 2009 » April: "As I continue my studies to pass the CAIA exam - I have been constantly thinking about getting on the airwaves (radio) in order to reach out to the black community about finance and investing issues that concern us. There isn’t enough financial/investing education being put out on our stations! Yet blacks are the biggest consumers and lowest paid individuals in the USA…this just doesn’t add up.
So with that said, I am soon to write and submit my proposal to the predominantly black radio stations in the ATL - 103.3, 107.9, 102.5, 107.5 - to request a portion of time to answer questions and address issues from our community. Initially, I would like to to have maybe 5-10 minutes a week, maybe on a Friday, and have a segment on a station to give finance/investment education.
I believe that I am qualified to endure such a challenge given my educational background and my current studies, plus I have a distinguished name - Barrington Lewis - and a great charm.
I’ll keep you posted on the status….

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