May 6, 2009

Active Management

Barrington’s Blog » 2009 » May: "Every now and again, there are times when we must sit down and think about our current position in life, or career, marriage, etc. and reevaluate ourselves to make sure that we are on the correct path in order to obtain our desired goals. In the Investment/Finance world this is known as Active Management. Which means that as life’s events happen, we need to constantly evaluate where we are - and where we need/want to be.
People typically set goals and a time frame for completion, but never evaluate the pace at which they may or may not be achieving their goals. Perhaps an intended short term goal (1-5yrs) may take longer to reach than expected?? In addition, some of us get too complacent with our career goals and we end up being “stuck” in a position or career that ends up being obsolete - or worse, our skills become obsolete in the marketplace leaving us in a difficult position and not being able to find another employer who wants to hire us.
Actively manage your life, or you may find yourself further from your goals than you might have wished."

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